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A partnered, multidisciplinary approach to fostering research and healthcare innovation through participatory research methods, translational science, and technology

Predictive Analytics

Personalized medicine through "big" and "small" data to better understand individualized outcomes

Behavioral Biomarkers

Objective markers of wellness and symptoms through measurement and analysis of behavior

Telehealth and Mobile

Expanding the use of telehealth and mobile technologies to enable novel interventions and care processes

Healthcare Redesign

Pulling these pieces together to effect positive change in today's healthcare delivery

Our Approach

  • translational

    The Innovation Lab hopes to help facilitate, even in a small way, advances across the translational spectrum. That is, moving from fundamental understandings of how our bodies work to adapting that knowledge to concrete interventions that are effective in the broader community in effecting positive change.  The use of partnered methods (see "Partnered" tab for more) helps us do that - by fostering a culture of trust, transparency and knowledge sharing across the academic disciplines and institutions needed for "transdisciplinary" approaches. 

  •   partnered  

    artists + designers + patients + programmers + community leaders + researchers + clinicians + public health + ...

    Translational work is an inherently multidisciplinary effort. We are adapting core principles from Community-Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR) including engagement of broad stakeholders (for example patients, community leaders, care givers, providers, researchers across disciplines, and healthcare leaders) and a culture of creating a shared community across these stakeholders.  Trust, transparency, and equal responsibility as well as sharing in the value of the work are key elements of this approach. With the increasing use of technology and modern, predictive analytic methods, this approach is more relevant than ever to ensure that clinical advances happen along with evolution of the privacy and ethical issues emerging from these efforts. 

  •    learning    

    A recent report from the Institute of Medicine (Best care at lower cost: the path to continuously learning health care in America, 2012) highlighted the need to create a "learning health system".  A learning system is measurement-based with real-time access to data, and a process of continuous review and modification of processes. By exploring novel methods to capture relevant and informative data in real-time and methods to best understand how these data can inform our understanding of individualized outcomes, we can work towards creating a process for continuous integration of these advances in the design of our healthcare system.


Chorus, Innovation Platform

Research and health innovations need technology and that's usually in the form of apps. Chorus, a platform created at the Lab powers many of our innovation efforts so that everyone can create technology interventions quickly to drive changes important to them, with the flexibility to personalize and adapt as needs change.

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Current efforts...

Stakeholder Group 

This is a partnered effort across disciplines, institutions and stakeholders like patients and community leaders. Efforts are guided by a stakeholder advisory group which is the core of our approach.


Chorus is a web application developed at the Innovation Lab that enables people to create their own mobile apps! (more)


An NIMH-funded pilot study of a novel, voice based approach to identifying behavioral biomarkers to predict individualized outcomes in individuals with severe mental illness.


The Lab has supported expansion of telehealth use at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, with a focus on using it to provide psychiatric consultation-liaison services. 

Psychiatry CL Redesign

Exploring multidisciplinary approaches to providing psychiatric services in the inpatient medical/surgical setting including a team of social workers and psychiatrists using telehealth and mobile apps to provide care.

Patient- and community-created apps

Using Chorus individuals are co-creating mobile apps then using them real-time including patient-created apps in the UCLA Partial Hospitalization Programs and community-led apps such as B-RESILIENT along with our community partner Healthy African American Families.

# Incubator Projects

The lab also helps foster others with their projects across departments. Here are the projects we help support along with the project leads. Contact them for more info about their exciting work.


The One With Friends, A play through the California Center of Excellence Narratives Core

by Joseph Mango, MFA
Center for Health Services and Society UCLA

MyLife, Automated messaging and chat to support healthy lifestyles

by Paul Bixenstine, MD 
Daniel Cryomans, MD
Dept. of Internal Medicine

ECHOS, Early Cardiovascular Health Outreach SMS program

by Jennifer Phung, MD
Dept. of Pediatrics

FUNS, Familias Unidas Ninos Sanos, support class and text messaging application

by Alma Guerrero, MD, MPH
Dept. of Pediatrics